Tire Shop

Scranton, PA

Rafferty's Auto repair had one of the best and sorted Auto body shop in Scranton. Our company deals in all types of repairing whether it is normal wear and tear, engine failure, collision repair or damage to machinery; we have a permanent solution to all your problems. People come up with their problems, and we provide them with unique, innovative and long lasting solutions related to their vehicles which are not only affordable but also permanent in nature. Our company has extended its operations in Scranton district as well so that people of the city do not have to travel miles to reach the best auto body shop in the country. We claim to be the best service provider in the country because of the feedback from the clients that testifies to our efficiency, speedy delivery, quality service and long lasting solutions. We do not believe in giving false affirmations to our clients; rather we come straight to the point after inspection of the vehicle.

Our auto body shop is highly modern and equipped with the latest technology of tools that will make the damaged vehicle as new as ever. Our engineers put extra efforts to keep our shop updated with best of the machinery, and we have recruited some of the highly experienced in Scranton region to solve the issues of the people. Our company is considered to be the pioneers in the automobile industry because we have experience and have managed to evolve with the changing times. With the advent of technology, the work has gone easy and fast, but the misuse of technology has also given birth to accidents and many other shortcomings that result in the destruction of the vehicles. Our company ensures speedy repair of the vehicles and change of the necessary body parts that makes the engine new and strong. We provide our services at affordable prices ensuring the best quality.