Local Auto Repair Shops

Binghamton, PA

Rafferty's Auto Repair has been serving the people since 1992, and we take complete care of the vehicles. Our company provides full-service auto repair to the clients in fast and speedy manner. We have recruited professionals who are specialists in their field with years of experience in hand. Our company puts extra efforts to keep our crew members updated with ever changing trends and by giving them training in our different centers like Binghamton, Montrose, etc. Our goal is to keep your vehicles as new as ever with dynamic speed and strongly built-in engine. We ensure our clients that we possess all the high-technology tools and latest machinery to provide full-service auto repair and keep the vehicles in the right shape. Our senior engineers put their heart and mind to create methods that will not only keep the vehicle fit, but also long lasting.

Our branch in Binghamton has recorded high demand of full-service auto repair as the usage of autos is more there as compared to others. We also provide our clients with tow away services and can also send our technicians to their place for an inspection of the vehicle. Our services are undoubtedly distinct and innovative in comparison to other companies in Binghamton. The reason for the difference is that we are consumer oriented company and create a pool of services keeping in mind the tastes and preferences of the customers. Our company has always kept customers the topmost priority and worked on a basic philosophy of keeping the customers satisfied. The satisfied customers are the loyal base of our company which has been ever increasing since 1992. Our services include repair and maintenance of automobiles, making them pollution free and of course regularly lubricating them with oils to keep their engines clean.